Warm Quinoa salad

February 23, 2016
Serves 6 people
Oven and food processor
Prep time
Cook Time

Wintertime is roasted vegetable time. Beets, sweet potatoes,cauliflower all wonderfully sweetened by roasting.I wanted to create a healthy salad with these ingredients for the upcoming Super Bowl party.Nothing like root vegetables to add healthy to your winter cooking.Beets provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification support. They are especially good for the nervous system and eye health. They help prevent heart disease and cancer, and their fiber is especially healthy for the digestive tract. Beets contain folate, manganese, potassium, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin C, B6, and iron.
Eating a high amount of cruciferous vegetables like Cauliflower has been associated with a lower risk of cancer; namely lung and colon cancer. The sulfur-containing compounds that give cruciferous vegetables their bitter taste are also what give them their cancer-fighting power.Cauliflower contains antioxidants that help prevent cellular mutations and reduce oxidative stress from free radicals.

Vegetarian rice noodles with green curry

August 25, 2015
Vegetarian Rice Noodles with Green Curry
Serves 4 people
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Cook Time

I had all different vegetables in my produce drawer and I was lost as to what should my meatless Monday night dinner be? Summer can be such an exciting time in the kitchen, without spending too much of it laboring over the stove.

Green and red peppers, Zucchini, green beans,Tofu and scallions. I had everything but no new ideas! I definitely did NOT want to do another stir fry. My pantry had flat rice noodles and coconut milk. I decided use my green curry paste and noodles together instead of the same boring Thai vegetable curry with rice. And the end product was much tastier than takeout thai food. Of course, you can use what ever fresh vegetables you have available, it’s a pretty forgiving dish. I dressed the finished noodles with halved cherry tomatoes, cilantro and scallions.